More rain, more mud

The concrete foundation of the extension has been poured! The first concrete delivery was cancelled due to totally bonkers rainfall and rebooked for a couple of days later (when we simply had intermittent showers with a promise of a hard frost to come). It looks uneven in the photo but it’s just some distortion in my camera lens.


Now the base has set, the builders have started blocking up the outer walls. The extension is starting take shape. A little bit of sunshine today, in between downpours allowed me to catch a few more photos…..




This is what happened to a visiting friend a few weeks ago….wellies

In the end she had to step out of her wellies onto an island of not quite so soggy mud. We were both laughing so hard, trying to pull her boots out with her still in them, and me getting stuck too. It must have been entertaining for anyone who could see us.

We dream of a few days of dry weather, with a good breeze to dry out the wooden base which is so very wet. Then a day of dry, calm weather to get the yurt up……


The insulating foil-backed membrane has been delivered along with a few rolls of super-tog warm underlay and some felt-backed carpet for added floor insulation. My waking (and sleeping) hours are rather taken over with research into ways to keep the yurt warm. We now have a stove big enough to stand a pot or two on and I’m in the process of working out how much flue we need to order. That, in itself, is a bit scary as we’ll have to cut through the roof to get the best updraft. I’m reliably assured it won’t leak.

It is complete chaos in the house with boxes everywhere so I’ve booked a storage unit. Now the kids have broken up for the Christmas holidays my productive time is limited to between meals and laundry loads. However, with the added incentive that we could be in the yurt in time for Christmas AND have a Christmas tree, today they folded and put away the mountain of clean washing. Tomorrow I will try and entice them to unload the wood from the trailer with the promise of seeing the local Pantomime (which promises to be a delight!).

The track is already paying its way, enabling us to transport wood (amongst other things) down the field ready for The Big Move. I can’t quite explain the joy of walking down the field, on the track and not getting stuck in the mud. It’s become a racing track for the kids on their bikes too. The smallest can ride without stabilisers with a little help getting going, but zebra boy is racing up the field, around the yurt base and back down the field in record time. An unexpected but wonderful added benefit!






  1. Oh, the bike track looks wonderful, Jo! We should all be in zebra onesies, yes? And I can hear your laughter at the boots stuck in the mud. It really looks and sounds like things are moving along. Very exciting, very exciting! Thinking of you all warm and cozy in the yurt with a big pot of stew on the stove. Love from all of us in Seabright oxoxoxoxox

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