(n)Ewe life

Sorry about the terrible pun, couldn’t resist it!  And you need a warning this is a sheep post.  Gigman thought it was all a bit too sheepy on here… well, nothing happened with the house for so long, and they are part of the story. I had a feeling about the sheep today – it’s… Continue reading (n)Ewe life

Lurgi in the yurt

One of the things I first wondered about was how it would be if someone was ill while we were yurt living. The difficulty of maintaining a steady temperature inside the yurt if someone had a fever. This week we found out. The eldest has had a fever for four days solid. What looked like… Continue reading Lurgi in the yurt

Sky water and Piped water

  The rain is never-ending. The man in the farmers shop told me there had been only eleven days without any precipitation, since July.  Eleven. My farmer-up-the-lane friend said he couldn’t remember a wet period lasting this long. He’s nearly 70 and has lived here all his life. Most winters the farmers bring the cattle… Continue reading Sky water and Piped water