Lurgi in the yurt

One of the things I first wondered about was how it would be if someone was ill while we were yurt living. The difficulty of maintaining a steady temperature inside the yurt if someone had a fever.


This week we found out. The eldest has had a fever for four days solid. What looked like a puke bug seems actually to be full-on flu. Today, on day 5, her temperature has dropped to under 100 (new money calls that around 39C). She has slept and slept which has helped her recover and being in bed has meant the sudden drop in temperature when we open the yurt door has been manageable. When the woodburner gets a bit too enthusiastic she’s been able to throw off the covers until it cools a bit. I know, an enthusiastic wood-burner sounds crazy, but really, we do have t-shirt moments in here where it feels more like a sauna than a yurt in winter.  Now I am just waiting to see if anyone else goes down with it. There are a few complaints of sore chests…..



We have acquired some new ducks, through a kind lady needing to rehome her flock of ten. So Mrs Limpyduck now has two more Khaki Campbells to keep her company, along with two white Indian Runners, four silver appleyard crosses and two silver appleyard drakes. They’ve settled in quickly and have learned to avoid Duke the cockerel. Although he doesn’t realise it, Duke’s days are numbered. Handsome as he is, he’s very unpredictable and attacks anyone who happens to be passing by.  I have told Gigman I will pluck and gut if he does the deed (he knows what to do having been shown by an expert!).  Coq au vin anyone?


And the really big news? Snow! We haven’t had snow that sticks for about 9 years here and now the ground is white. It’s very localised, the town where the children go to school had a dusting which didn’t hang around. But the north wind blowing off the sea and up the valley is bringing icy blasts and snowfall.


The yurt is warm and cosy and with the help of the fire angel we’ve worked out how to keep the woodburner running through the night. If she sleeps too deeply though, it’s a little chilly first thing in the morning!



  1. Real snow! And additions to the feathered friends who are part of your home. The shot of S looking out the door is beautiful. And I’m a fan of the chicken shots. It is good to know you got through the fever. Spring is coming, much sooner to you than to me. Spring is coming. Warm days, grass growing.

  2. Oh poor S, it must have been horrid for her (and you). But actually quite comforting to be snuggly in the yurt. Super cool ducks, btw. Xx I really really hope it stops raining! Xx

  3. Love the bird photos. And good thing you get help from the fire angel 🙂 I hope she gets some rest during the day, then. I am home with sick kid now, going to get some tea now, thinking of you. Hope you stay healthy!

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