Sky water and Piped water


The rain is never-ending. The man in the farmers shop told me there had been only eleven days without any precipitation, since July.  Eleven.

My farmer-up-the-lane friend said he couldn’t remember a wet period lasting this long. He’s nearly 70 and has lived here all his life.


Most winters the farmers bring the cattle in to prevent damage to the soil structure, known as ‘poaching’. The sheep are always out but are up to their hocks in mud in some parts of the fields and the ground is so wet the grass has little nutritional value now. My pregnant ewes are in a sheltered field up by the coast path. Even there, where drainage should be good, the ground is sodden. I can’t bring my girls home to lamb as there is nothing for them to eat on my ground, just standing water in places. After the digger work there are no proper fences either. So this year they will lamb away from home, near the sea, and I am missing them terribly. I pop up to see them and will go more often as their due date gets closer.

As I write tonight, the hail is pounding on the yurt roof like a deafening roar. I can see the hailstones gathering in the little pools in the raincap. There is still a leak on one seam, but there is little we can do about it until it stops raining for long enough to dry out and be taken off. Surely the rain will stop soon?

In the meantime, we now have running cold water – the in-a-pipe kind rather than the out-of-the-sky kind. The plumber has been here again today and with luck, by the end of tomorrow we will have a fully functioning hot-water cylinder, shower and kitchen sink. We’ve had a toilet for a week or so and it’s quite a novelty. Despite its overall benefits (proximity, a door that closes etc) I haven’t fully settled on whether I prefer a quick wee in the rain al fresco, or an icy cold toilet seat in the dry.   Tough choice, especially with a night view like this…..


We hired a van this week to shift the majority of the furniture into the storage unit. Of course, it was raining so everything needed drying off afterwards but I think it will be ok. We still have a few bits to move and also the welsh dresser to empty (I’ve been putting it off for a week now). I was making plans today to book the van again for Saturday morning, to tie in with the three-hour slot that the storage place will be open….. but then I had a call from school. My eldest had been sick, could I come and collect her please? Having spent the October half term navigating a slow-moving vomiting bug (which the children generously shared between them) I’m sure you can imagine my delight. I’m waiting to see how this bug unfolds and whether anyone else goes down with it.






  1. Cold toilet seats are shocking to the body. Weeing outdoors is pretty fun, I think that when we fish. It’s good to hear things are coming along. The blog is like an unfolding story book, I wait for the next chapter each time.

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