(n)Ewe life

Sorry about the terrible pun, couldn’t resist it!  And you need a warning this is a sheep post.  Gigman thought it was all a bit too sheepy on here… well, nothing happened with the house for so long, and they are part of the story.

I had a feeling about the sheep today – it’s just over a week since their official due date. When I put Bert in, back in the autumn, it was about a week before I saw him standing next to Blondie, who was mooning about and had clearly come into cycle as she had eyes only for Bert.

The ewes are staying at a friend’s farm while we a) get some fencing sorted out and b) grow some grass out of all the mud. The smallest and I went to call in on them. I’d forgotten how pleasant it is just to stand and watch the sheep. We watched for a while, and I gave Trouble some nibbly food from my hand. She enjoyed a good headscratch too, some antenatal TLC.


I noticed Blondie hanging back a bit from the others, and wondered, but then she came rushing up to get some nibbles and I thought little more of it. We’d been home just long enough for a pot of tea and some lunch when the phone rang. My farmer friend had just got home from working on another farm and heard a little bleating in the barn……..


The smallest and I left everything – even one of those rare and perfect cups of tea – and jumped into the car arriving in time to see Blondie finishing the business of cleaning her lamb. A ewe lamb! One more ewe to add to my home-reared breeding flock. She was up on her feet searching for the milk and she and mum were bleating to each other.


I had to rush off and collect the middle and biggest from school. The smallest made me promise not to tell the others what had happened, only that there was a surprise.  Being a bit late I ran into the school building, legging it up the stairs. I told the middle child “come on, quickly, there a great surprise”. He looked at me and said “it must be a lamb – you’re wearing your sheep-wrestling coat.”

There was a lot of excitement as we drove straight up to the farm to meet our new addition. Now we are just waiting for Trouble to lamb. I think she’s carrying twins!



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