The roof is off! Our old house is a mere shell. There is so little of it left I find myself wondering how it would still need two walls to be removed for it to be a VAT zero-rated project. The builder sent me some photos he’s taken while they’ve been working on the house.… Continue reading Sunshine!


In the midst of all this building work, we’ve been snowed in. Not once, but twice. I always knew that despite it not having snowed since 2009, the winter we lived in the yurt would bring snow. However, even in my Brownie Guide ‘be prepared’ state last Autumn, I didn’t imagine we’d be snowed in… Continue reading Snow


It’s been a bit busy during March.  Busy and definitely with elements of frantic desperation!  We finally got everything out of the house, late one Sunday evening.  There was way too much stuff despite all my clearing out for the last three years. There is no way it’s all coming back in at the end… Continue reading Deconstruction