The roof is off! Our old house is a mere shell. There is so little of it left I find myself wondering how it would still need two walls to be removed for it to be a VAT zero-rated project.

no roof-2

no roof

The builder sent me some photos he’s taken while they’ve been working on the house.  I’m going to share them with you, so you can see that its not all happening as-if-by-magic in an empty building.

A lot of spa-stone was buried under the old floor and contributing to the uneven state.  This gave rise to a re-enactment of the less well-known Arthurian legend of “Kev’s sword in the stone”….

Removing the floor to level the sub-floor.  The whole floor in this place is on the wonk.

Making the hole in the side of the house for the extension to join in….


The opening for the frame to be installed is made…



I love our builders…..  SP Contracts if you ever need reliable and friendly people for a project.   Maybe wait till they’ve finished this job before you call them, I am bribing them  keeping them well-nourished with an excess of duck eggs……

The oak frame is due to arrive next week. It’s a very exciting prospect. We have suddenly shifted into the reconstruction phase. A tree surgeon is coming at the weekend to take down two trees that are in the way (and too close to the house anyway). The shock of the tree-surgery cost is reduced slightly by knowing we’ll have two loads-worth of firewood out of it. I’ve just bought a new chain for the chainsaw in anticipation!

We’ve had two days of glorious sunshine here. Yesterday after school we hit the beach for a friend’s birthday. It’s the first beach evening of the year. It was warm and sunny and the most beautiful sunset unfolded while the kids ran into the (still-very-cold) sea.

spring widemouth-4

spring widemouth-5

spring widemouth-6

Today I replanted the crab apple tree, uprooted when we had the track put down. The ground is still quite soft, too soft in places, but a few more days like this and I might even be able to re-seed the grass areas.  Spring is flourishing,  The hedgerows are full of primroses, more than I’ve ever seen before.  The forsythia is putting on a fabulous display and the young damson tree is blossoming.

spring widemouth-3

spring widemouth

spring widemouth-2

The yurt is the warmest it’s ever been. We topped 80 degrees Fahrenheit in here today. It was like a sauna. The smallest child said it made her eyes “goggly” looking out of the door and I realised it was heat-haze! Who knew that was even possible down in our little damp valley! I undid the guy ropes and shifted the raincap back to let some heat out of the roof before we all passed out from the unusual temperatures.  Long may it last!




  1. The photos of the house are amazing, there’s nothing left of it! So glad the weather’s turned for you, it must make living in yurt seem like being on hols camping. Hope you’re all well and will catch up soon. Love to all xxxxx

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