March House Update!

You probably want to know what’s happening in the house, its been a while hasn’t it?   I’ll have to do it in bits.  The builders are working at an incredible pace and its hard to keep up.  I think these pictures will bring you from the sandblasting day in the autumn up to mid January (when we had snowdrops!).


We did find a Christmas tree to fit in the yurt. The children carried it from the shop to the car, dodging torrential hailstorms.  We left it to dry off in the barn overnight and  brought it in to decorate the next day.



This Christmas was our second in the yurt – we are so much more settled now that we even had time to make a wreath for the door!


Christmas also marked the anniversary of a full year of yurt living.  Deep thanks to my very wise, longest friend who knows about these things having just renovated this wonderful place  for persuading me not to pack up the champagne glasses, but to keep them handy.  We didn’t plan to be in here this long but it’s worked out fine, and now the days are lengthening again it’s feeling good.


Build-wise, we went from a steady pace of construction and not needing to do much other than pay out intermittent wodges of money,  to suddenly needing to decide on light placement and bathroom fittings for first fix.


The light placement was so hard to do. Without walls fully in place it was hard to visualise where we would need light.  I spent hours searching online and in local shops for lights that would illuminate the oak frame, yet be small enough to not be too obvious.   Bathroom fittings were also complicated.  The prices vary so much for the same thing, it’s a real labour of love to keep track of what you saw where and for how much.


The boarding up began, with wool soundproofing behind the boards, followed quickly by Rupert’s super-speedy and excellent plastering.  He worked like a man possessed, ploughing on in spite of his bad back.  I think he needs a super-hero cape….  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, its Plasterman!




And it was around this time, seeing the low winter sunlight pouring in through the windows, that I realised what we actually need is a giant mirror ball on the ceiling.  I am still absolutely convinced it’s the way to go, but I have to find a way to make it work given that the ceiling is now all plastered and painted.  See what I mean about speed?


Really fast progress hey?  We are not quite there yet and there is some serious credit-card juggling going on, but it will all be worth it in the end!  In the meantime, when the sun is shining and the washing is on the line, the yurt is a beautiful temporary home.





  1. It’s looking so beautiful, especially that stunning oak. Never, ever pack the champagne glasses – a mantra to live by! (And the gin martini glasses come to think of it). You are building a wonderful thing. Hang in there. Xxxx

  2. Really mind-blowing to see it all coming together, Jo. There’s a real sense of it being in the last leg of things, choosing lights, plumbing fixtures. I went to the site you linked, ohhhhhh, I want a bath in that blue tub they have, I want it badly! Light. There will be so much light in this new home of yours. Very exciting!

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