The lambs are growing really fast. Every time I look at them they seem to have doubled in size. The best time to watch them is just before sunset when they have their athletics practice. It reminds me of when I am trying to get the children to bed. The silly games start, the giggling… Continue reading Beltane

Springtime is lambing time!

After a week of impatient waiting our lambs have finally arrived!  The perfect opportunity for plenty of newborn lamb photos! Blondie gave birth to a single lamb early yesterday morning. When I went up to give the pregnant mums their breakfast there she was, standing up by the polytunnel (rather than racing down the field towards… Continue reading Springtime is lambing time!

Watching the Grass Grow……

We had taken on an immaculately manicured field. It had stripes in the grass where it had been meticulously mowed. The previous occupants had kindly left the ride-on lawnmower for us. In our urban garden we’d managed a small patch of grass with no quirks or growth spurts. It wasn’t long before we realized that… Continue reading Watching the Grass Grow……

In the beginning…..

…..there was a barn.  An old Shippon where the cows lived.  Not a tall barn, barely tall enough to make two floors in but two floors they made.  Converted in a hurry and with limited resources, by the time we moved in some 10 years later the cracks were beginning to show.  We bided our… Continue reading In the beginning…..