It’s been a bit busy during March.  Busy and definitely with elements of frantic desperation!  We finally got everything out of the house, late one Sunday evening.  There was way too much stuff despite all my clearing out for the last three years. There is no way it’s all coming back in at the end… Continue reading Deconstruction

(n)Ewe life

Sorry about the terrible pun, couldn’t resist it!  And you need a warning this is a sheep post.  Gigman thought it was all a bit too sheepy on here… well, nothing happened with the house for so long, and they are part of the story. I had a feeling about the sheep today – it’s… Continue reading (n)Ewe life

Lurgi in the yurt

One of the things I first wondered about was how it would be if someone was ill while we were yurt living. The difficulty of maintaining a steady temperature inside the yurt if someone had a fever. This week we found out. The eldest has had a fever for four days solid. What looked like… Continue reading Lurgi in the yurt

Sky water and Piped water

  The rain is never-ending. The man in the farmers shop told me there had been only eleven days without any precipitation, since July.  Eleven. My farmer-up-the-lane friend said he couldn’t remember a wet period lasting this long. He’s nearly 70 and has lived here all his life. Most winters the farmers bring the cattle… Continue reading Sky water and Piped water

Three weeks in.

Three weeks in and we are settling into the yurt. We await the return of the builders to get our running water plumbed into some taps and a shower. We are living between the house and the yurt, plus the shed and the car, all of which has offered some particular challenges. Is the washing down… Continue reading Three weeks in.

A looming deadline

I know… you want to know if we made it in before Christmas….. You’ll have to read on, I’m not giving it away yet…. There is nothing as daft as a self-imposed deadline with Santa and children depending on it all falling into place.  That night, after we’d got the yurt up in the dark,… Continue reading A looming deadline

The Yurt is up!

It was all hands on deck today. Yesterday was a day of preparation for today and we were totally blessed with two not-raining days. The sun shone but this close to the solstice it’s so low in the sky and every year it surprises me how it just skirts the trees. A day of long… Continue reading The Yurt is up!

More rain, more mud

The concrete foundation of the extension has been poured! The first concrete delivery was cancelled due to totally bonkers rainfall and rebooked for a couple of days later (when we simply had intermittent showers with a promise of a hard frost to come). It looks uneven in the photo but it’s just some distortion in… Continue reading More rain, more mud

And so it begins…..

At last. It’s started! After several years of dreaming, drawing and planning applications, the builders arrived at the start of the half-term break and began digging the foundation trenches. To say it became a mudbath really would be an understatement, and if I told you the whole thing coincided with a (thankfully kids-only) vomiting bug… Continue reading And so it begins…..

Royal Cornwall Show 2017

Early in April, the Royal Cornwall Show becomes the subject of keen discussion locally. The show is in the first week of June every year and while entries open in April, planning and preparations start much earlier, as much as a year ahead.  This year, encouraged by my farmer friend, I decided to have a… Continue reading Royal Cornwall Show 2017